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Orthodontists are necessary only for the most difficult and complex orthodontic cases.

TRUTH: Orthodontists have the education, experience, and knowledge to recognize the difference between a simple and a complex case. In addition, Orthodontists are prepared to work with any case, even if it is an extremely difficult one.

A Dentist is the same as an Orthodontist.

TRUTH: Orthodontists receive formal and specific education regarding straightening teeth. Like dentists, Orthodontists graduate from the Dental School.  

But being an Orthodontist requires an additional full-time education of two to three years in an accredited Orthodontic Residency Program.  

In other words, Orthodontists are dentists who specialize and limit their practice to straightening teeth and jaw alignment to create optimal function and shape.  

They know what to use and when, as they work with these tools every day.

Braces are painful and it takes two years or more to get the desired result.

TRUTH: At the beginning of treatment or after adjustments, there may be some pain, but like everything, it is a matter of getting used to it. In addition, the duration of the treatment is different for each person. Some treatments can last as long as months. It is important to recognize that the success of orthodontic treatments largely depends on the patients.

Braces are ugly, they draw too much attention, and it would be embarrassing in the business environment.

TRUTH: Today there are many types of "braces". There are ceramic "braces", transparent plastic, and "braces" that are mounted on the back (lingual) of the teeth.

The "braces" are only for children.

TRUTH: One in five orthodontic patients is an adult. All Orthodontists are prepared to work with people of all ages.

Any dentist can join the American Association of Orthodontists, the Society of Orthodontic Specialists, and / or the "Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists."

TRUTH: Only Orthodontists can be members of these associations.

Orthodontics is something aesthetic only.

TRUTH: On many occasions patients go to an Orthodontist to solve cosmetic problems, but the branch of Orthodontics is necessary to correct many problems that affect health.

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