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Orthodontics is the branch of Dentistry that is responsible for correcting malformations, dental curvatures, rotations, missing teeth or spaces so that the teeth come out easily, among other dental conditions.

It is known that since ancient times, people wanted to have the right teeth

This is known because archaeologists have found a large number of teeth wrapped in metal bands.

This profession is the second oldest in medicine, even beating dentistry.

But luckily, this branch has evolved greatly, allowing Orthodontic Specialists to provide their patients with the best and most advanced treatments available.

Orthodontics is not a profession dedicated solely to aesthetics.

If it is true that having a beautiful smile (straight and white teeth, gums and jaws where they have to be, in short, perfect teeth ...) is a "plus" in our social life, it is also true that it is a "plus" to have a healthy life.

When a denture fits poorly, it causes changes ranging from headaches to cavities.

Orthodontists are the people specialized in correcting the positioning of the teeth, lips, and bones of the mouth, not only to create perfect smiles, but to provide all patients with a better life.

Keep in mind that Orthodontics is not for a specific age.

Orthodontic offices serve people of all ages who have the desire and / or need to improve not only their appearance but also their lifestyle.

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