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La Asociación Americana de Ortodoncistas recomienda que todos los niños se hagan un examen clínico de ortodoncia no más tardar de los 7 años de edad. 
El posible tratamiento preventivo solo es efectivo si se hace a tiempo; usualmente cuando el paciente aún tiene la mayoría de sus dientes deciduos(de leche). 
Los tratamientos más comunes en esta etapa son:

Preventive Orthodontics

Más allá de solamente tratamientos correctivos incluimos cuidado preventivo para reducir los efectos detrimentales de mala oclusiones por falta de espacio, exceso de espacio, malposición de dientes, erupción tardía de dientes permanentes, erupción en posición equivocada de dientes permanentes y bloqueo de erupción de dientes succedaneos. 

All children should be examined no later than 7 years of age. 

Preventive treatment is effective if started or instituted when the child still has most of its deciduous (milk) teeth.

Space Maintainers

They are used not to allow valuable dental space to be lost when deciduous teeth are lost prematurely.


Expanding dental arches are used to correct bad (cross) bites and / or to reclaim necessary space so that the permanent teeth can erupt in their correct place and in due time.

Fixed orthodontics

(Braces) for children, adolescents and adults

Fixed Brackets Metal

 Silver color and gold color

Fixed Ceramic Brackets

 Closest to tooth color

Orthodontics In Combination With Orthognathic Surgery

There are exclusively dental problems and others with skeletal problems that happen what fixed orthodontics can correct. 

In these cases we work together with excellent maxillofacial surgeons to reduce these skeletal discrepancies.

We consolidate spaces between teeth

We work in conjunction with dentists for the replacement of teeth that have been lost with the use of fixed prostheses (bridges and implants) and removable prostheses.

We consolidate spaces between teeth, correct tooth rotations and open the necessary spaces to receive the prosthesis.

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